Dry Skin? Make Your Own Whipped Body Butter

Winter is coming. And with the inevitable change in season comes a few other inescapable consequences …
Your skin is about to get dry. Blustering wind may chap your cheeks, and you may begin to notice chalky knees and elbows. Don’t worry. It’s not just you. We’re all fighting the same fight!

The Best Whipped Body Butter: What’s different about this recipe?
It’s light. It smells delicious. It’s fun to make. But mostly, it works.

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Say Yes to New Friends and no to Germs!

Does back to school mean back to fighting germs for you and your household? Whether you are a teacher, parent or grandparent, you know what I'm talking about.  All those precious little faces come with hands and noses that can be lethal. We all love our children and encourage them to be social.  But, let's face it, the classroom is a veritable petri dish of microorganisms ready to hitch a ride on little Noah's backpack for a play date at...

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Men's Grooming - Stay out of your girlfriend's makeup bag!

Even if you haven’t done it, you know you’ve at least thought about trying some of her personal care products. Her hair is so soft and smells so good. Her skin glows and those masks just look fun!  It's no surprise, men want to be pampered too... Now, more than ever, it is acceptable for men to have their own products for personal grooming. Men are using and demanding their own product lines to suit their needs and to pamper...

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Introducing NobleBasics™ Natural Lip Balm Base

It’s been less than a year since we officially launched Noble Roots, and we’ve already found ourselves asking, “What’s Next?”. Let’s just say, that remark ignited the flame. Now we’re working on a colossal to-do list … but, all great things! Here’s what we’re working on: To start, we’re listening to our online shoppers. We’re constantly adding more products to our online catalog. Looking for something specific that you can’t find? Contact us. We introduced a new line of USDA...

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