Teacher Donation Program

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As our kids are getting ready to go back to school, we are all asking ourselves how we can help set our students and teachers up for success. Classrooms are going to take on a new look and require special supplies, one of these being hand sanitizer. Help get your classroom ready for the new school year by donating to a teacher or school of your choice. For every 4 8 oz bottles donated, we will donate a 5th in your name. Just use code - Back2School at checkout to take advantage of the donation option. 

 How to order: 

1. Select how many units you would like to donate. If you donate at least 4 units, you will qualify for the Back2School promo. 

2. At checkout, add code "Back2School" in the "Gift card or Discount code" section to the right. This will let us know to donate an additional bottle for every 4 that you purchase. 

3. Either provide your own address to deliver the donation yourself, or provide the address of the school for delivery directly to your teacher. Please put Attn: 'Teacher Name' in the "Apartment, Suite, Ect." section. 

3. Select your shipping method, and check out as normal.

4. Feel good knowing you did a good thing today! 


Select your donation size


Great for supplying a classroom. This size can be used straight from the gallon container via the hand pump, or it can be used to refill individual bottle for student's personal use.

 8 oz 


This size is perfect for placing on individual student's desk to avoid cross contamination. This size comes with a pump lid for easy application throughout the day.