NobleCare™ Aloe Vera 200X Flakes

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INCI: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Our aloe vera flakes from the purified inner leaf fillet, contain no less than 10% polysaccharides and exceed the standards established by the International Aloe Science Council’s Certification Program for content and purity.

Compared with spray-dried aloe products, this Active Aloe flake goes through an environmentally friendly “green” proprietary drying technology to process Aloe into innovative “flakes” that provide marketers and formulators with freshness using no refrigeration, stability using no preservatives, and with superior solubility and dissolution properties. This process captures all of Aloe’s naturally beneficial polysaccharides and other health-promoting bioactive nutrients at the “same as fresh” quality levels.

Physical Form: White to Light Tan Crystalline Flakes
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: Mexico and China

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Noble Roots Aloe Vera Flakes

I absolutely love Noble Roots Aloe Vera Flakes. It mixes so easily and thoroughly with water to make the most wonderful aloe vera gel available. This product is almost like growing an aloe vera plant and using the gel for whatever purpose you might want. I say "almost" because the only way to have a fresher product is to grow it yourself and process it carefully. This product make it easy to use for multiple purposes and can be made fresh daily. It is marvelous for skin care or for healing sunburns, etc. If you like to drink aloe vera in your morning smoothies, this aloe vera is for you! Don't hesitate to purchase from Noble Roots.