NoblePure™ Tea Tree Essential Oil, Australian (Clearance)

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NoblePure™ Tea Tree Oil Australian is a pure essential oil with a warm-spicy, aromatic-terpenic odor. It is derived from the steam distillation of the tea tree leaves. Ours has a flash point of 129.2°F and a Terpinenol 4 level of around 40%. Care should be taken when working with this material. Consult the SDS before opening the package. 

NoblePure™ essential oils are all natural according to European standards meaning they are the materials Mother Nature gives us, no solvents unless specified. Each oil is 100% essential oil and can be traced to the botanical source. A pre-shipment sample is requested from the producer for every batch and is analyzed to ensure the quality. The oils are tested for over 250+ pesticides. You can be sure you are getting the highest quality essential oils on the market.

Physical Form: Colorless to pale yellow or very pale olive green liquid
Shelf Life: 2 years from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: Australia
Food Grade: Yes - ok for incidental ingestion in products such as lip products

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Regulatory Summary

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