NobleQuat™ HG-70

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***Current batch for 16 oz, 32, and 8 lb expires 12/03/2020***

INCI: PEG-2 Dimeadowfoamamidoethylmonium Methosulfate

NobleQuat™ HG-70 is produced by reacting Meadowfoam Oil to form this sulfated (non-chloride) quaternium compound for enhancing the conditioning effects of Meadowfoam fatty acids in hair conditioners and skin care products.  

NobleQuat™ HG-70 is 70% active.  It can be used in cationic hair conditioning formulations, and provides excellent skin conditioning. Also, it is particularly useful in hair coloring products for color treated hair, enhancing condition and color durability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides conditioning and moisturizing, leaving behind a smooth feel
  • Imparts shine and body
  • Eases combability
  • Creates a barrier film in emulsions
  • Enhances emolliency

Physical Form: Yellow Amber Liquid
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacture

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