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INCI: Jojoba Esters/ 61789-91-1 (&) Zea Mays (Corn) Oil/8001-30-7 (&) Cholecalciferol/ 67-97-0 (&) Phytonadione/ 84-80-0

Our Vitacon line consists of a variety of water soluble vitamins in a liquid base that can be customized to meet your need – pick the vitamin(s) and a base to create a versatile product for various uses. 

Vitacon® blends offer efficacy, label claim and ease of use in production. Just pick the vitamin(s) and one of the bases and you can create a versatile product for use in shampoos, body washes, creams, lotions, clear gels, spray-on/leave-in conditioners, sun care products and cosmeceutical applications.  

Key benefits of using Vitacons in your products:

  • Satisfy label claims for vitamin content
  • Avoid stocking multiple vitamins with short shelf lives 
  • Easily integrated into your formulas 
  • BSE Free 
  • Low Irritation 
  • Slow Release Capabilities

Benefits of including vitamins in your products:

  • Great conditioning properties for hair and skin
  • Builds shine in leave-on products
  • Can help prevent signs of aging
  • Helps stimulate collagen
  • Promotes smooth, healthy skin and hair
  • Helps stimulate cell growth
  • Moisturizes malnourished skin


Physical Form: Clear to slightly hazy amber liquid
Shelf Life: 1 year from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: USA

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