Ylang Ylang Oil Complete Certified Organic (Clearance)

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INCI: Cananga Odorata Macrophylla Flower Oil
Botanical Name: Cananga odorata

Ylang Complete Oil Certified Orangic is a USDA certified* organic essential oil with a fresh, sweet, jasmine-like aroma. It has traditionally been use to adorn the bed of newlywed couples in the South Pacific. It has also been used to promote healthy hair growth. This herb has historically been used for the following aromatherapeutic properties: aphrodisiac, antidepressant, anti-infectious, antiseptic, stimulant to name a few.

The certified organic essential oils Noble Roots offers are of the highest quality and purity. These oils are 100% certified organic essential oils, no solvents are ever used. Each oil can be traced to the botanical source. A pre-shipment sample is requested from the producer for every batch and is analyzed to ensure the quality. The oils are tested for over 250 pesticides. You can be sure you are getting the highest quality essential oils on the market.

Physical Form: Pale yellow liquid
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacture
Country of Origin: Madagascar

*Organic certificate available upon purchase

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